Sunday, November 28, 2010

Google Adsense HATES Me!

Hey you guys!

Ok, so I'm not exactly sure what I did, but as you probably know, at one point I had 7-8 Youtube videos partnered, and they had ads and stuff next to them. Now, obviously, the ads are gone!

Well, apparently they said my clicks had "errors" in them, so they disabled my account? LAME. Then I made a different one for this blog, and they disabled it saying the blog was posing a "Significant risk" to the Ads.. what in the world? Adsense hates me!

So now I have no way to make money to buy makeup for my channel and stuff [I can't get a job because where I live teenagers aren't hired unless they're 18+] so that's a bust! Hopefully my Youtube account will gain partner soon and they will stop mentally abusing me!! lol

So all that's left is the little yellow button that says "Donate" over to the right. haha. And on that note, THANK YOU HANI, for donating to me! You're so kind! All money from that button goes towards my channel. Not like, buying a car or iPod or whatever [besides, makeup is so much better than a car or iPod, right!!!]

So that's all! People have been asking where my ads went on Youtube, so here's a post telling you! :)

Have a magical day! <3


  1. I think Google in general might hate you :/

  2. whatever will hapen we got u're back :-*..:D