Saturday, November 20, 2010

Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Hey you guys!

So a few weeks ago I bought MAC's Studio Finish concealer in NC20, and I love it BUT there's some things people should know!

Pros: Opaque, Full coverage, Lasting, A little goes a LONG way
Cons: Settles into fine lines, can look a little cakey, will NOT cover crusty zits, accentuates flakeyness

 Ok, so overall, for $16.50, with oily skin,I'd DEFINITELY recommend it. Although it can't cover crusty zits, you can just layer some Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse concealer over it to cover that.

It lasts quite a while, but I definitely recommend setting it with powder so it doesn't slide!

I don't recommend it for under-eye unless you have NO lines/creases under your eyes.

Try to avoid putting this on dry patches, as well, or it will make them 10x more noticeable!

Hope I helped!

Have a magical day! xo

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