Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Idol Lips

Hey you guys!

Ok, so my friend in school started using this at the beginning of summer, and quite frankly, it looks like she got slightly worn-off lip injections- But not in a bad way!

It's like... when you get lip injections, they look swollen and unreal... but my friend [Elisha] uses this once every 2 days [she says everyday is just too much] and her lips went from.. well.. turtle lips.. you know.. the ones that are like, flat/turn in.. to lips that are a little less than mine! She said if you stop using it for a week, the effects start to wear off in a noticeable way, but otherwise she said she can't "live without it" haha!

Anyways, it's VERY clear that it works for her... I wish I could get her to stop using it so I could get before and after pictures... but alas, she doesn't like people KNOWING her lips are flat... and she would wonder why I want to take pictures of her lips before and after XD

SO! I encourage you, if you have like, less-than lips, you should totally try this! I think right now they have a mail-in rebate for you to basically get it for just the price of shipping!So go ahead and try it!!

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