Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your lashes look stupid..

Hey you guys! this is just a little rant-y blog type thing :P

Ok, so when you put mascara on, how do you want to look? natural? glamorous? healthy? RETARDED? I didn't think so.
Why do some girls feel the need to put on 41785971965 coats of mascara, forming one big lash clump? Seriously? Is that not heavy? Do you not FEEL it making your lids droopier?

It's ridiculous! They have like, 4 fat black... THINGS! on their eyes! not lashes!
It's like they have little talons coming out of their lids!

And when they take it off... oh mah lawd... they suddenly look naked. It's almost as if, even though you know it will look horrible, you want them to put all that mascara back on... because suddenly they have absolutely no presence in the room, like a ghost.

And they do it to themselves! They make people think they look naked without a ton of makeup on by clumping it all on their eyes! It's ridiculous!

Anyways... just had to let that out xD

Have a magical day! lol

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