Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sneaking around...

Ok, so in case you haven't noticed, my video posting is slowing down!

Why? Well, my brother's back from College, and my mom said he shouldn't know about my Youtube.

Unfortunately, his room is the room next to my filming area, and he's ALWAYS home! When he's not, I record a video, but that's rare.

So I'm sorry! December will be kind of a slow month! Maybe not many tutorials at all, and reviews will be pumping slower! :(

Also, my lighting will be weird in some videos due to the fact I'm filming in like, other rooms without my 4385724398572 lights. lol

So yes! I hope you can forgive me! With Christmas coming around I'm getting super excited but also SUPER busy!!

Have a magical day everyone! xo

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Google Adsense HATES Me!

Hey you guys!

Ok, so I'm not exactly sure what I did, but as you probably know, at one point I had 7-8 Youtube videos partnered, and they had ads and stuff next to them. Now, obviously, the ads are gone!

Well, apparently they said my clicks had "errors" in them, so they disabled my account? LAME. Then I made a different one for this blog, and they disabled it saying the blog was posing a "Significant risk" to the Ads.. what in the world? Adsense hates me!

So now I have no way to make money to buy makeup for my channel and stuff [I can't get a job because where I live teenagers aren't hired unless they're 18+] so that's a bust! Hopefully my Youtube account will gain partner soon and they will stop mentally abusing me!! lol

So all that's left is the little yellow button that says "Donate" over to the right. haha. And on that note, THANK YOU HANI, for donating to me! You're so kind! All money from that button goes towards my channel. Not like, buying a car or iPod or whatever [besides, makeup is so much better than a car or iPod, right!!!]

So that's all! People have been asking where my ads went on Youtube, so here's a post telling you! :)

Have a magical day! <3

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The ULTIMATE Under-Eye Concealer!

Hey you guys!

This is a review on IT Cosmetic’s Bye Bye Under-Eye Concealer!

Ok, so I’ve been using this product since I got it a few months ago and I LOVE IT.

It’s VERY moisturizing, it contains TONS of vitamins for your skin, AND it has collagen in it!
It’s actually what Plastic Surgeons use to conceal bruising for patients!! Is that not amazing?

Anyways, it doesn’t settle into fine lines, it covers 100% of the color, it has a good color selection, it blends well, and it’s extremely mositurizing.

NOTE: It looks a little shiny at first, but it dries matte-er and you can easily just set it with a powder!

The product comes in a squeeze tube and just the smallest bit is needed for full coverage of your under-eye area!

A tube of it will last you probably more than a year!

It’s only $24 and it’s DEFINITELY worth it! <3

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your lashes look stupid..

Hey you guys! this is just a little rant-y blog type thing :P

Ok, so when you put mascara on, how do you want to look? natural? glamorous? healthy? RETARDED? I didn't think so.
Why do some girls feel the need to put on 41785971965 coats of mascara, forming one big lash clump? Seriously? Is that not heavy? Do you not FEEL it making your lids droopier?

It's ridiculous! They have like, 4 fat black... THINGS! on their eyes! not lashes!
It's like they have little talons coming out of their lids!

And when they take it off... oh mah lawd... they suddenly look naked. It's almost as if, even though you know it will look horrible, you want them to put all that mascara back on... because suddenly they have absolutely no presence in the room, like a ghost.

And they do it to themselves! They make people think they look naked without a ton of makeup on by clumping it all on their eyes! It's ridiculous!

Anyways... just had to let that out xD

Have a magical day! lol

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Idol Lips

Hey you guys!

Ok, so my friend in school started using this at the beginning of summer, and quite frankly, it looks like she got slightly worn-off lip injections- But not in a bad way!

It's like... when you get lip injections, they look swollen and unreal... but my friend [Elisha] uses this once every 2 days [she says everyday is just too much] and her lips went from.. well.. turtle lips.. you know.. the ones that are like, flat/turn in.. to lips that are a little less than mine! She said if you stop using it for a week, the effects start to wear off in a noticeable way, but otherwise she said she can't "live without it" haha!

Anyways, it's VERY clear that it works for her... I wish I could get her to stop using it so I could get before and after pictures... but alas, she doesn't like people KNOWING her lips are flat... and she would wonder why I want to take pictures of her lips before and after XD

SO! I encourage you, if you have like, less-than lips, you should totally try this! I think right now they have a mail-in rebate for you to basically get it for just the price of shipping!So go ahead and try it!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Hey you guys!

So a few weeks ago I bought MAC's Studio Finish concealer in NC20, and I love it BUT there's some things people should know!

Pros: Opaque, Full coverage, Lasting, A little goes a LONG way
Cons: Settles into fine lines, can look a little cakey, will NOT cover crusty zits, accentuates flakeyness

 Ok, so overall, for $16.50, with oily skin,I'd DEFINITELY recommend it. Although it can't cover crusty zits, you can just layer some Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse concealer over it to cover that.

It lasts quite a while, but I definitely recommend setting it with powder so it doesn't slide!

I don't recommend it for under-eye unless you have NO lines/creases under your eyes.

Try to avoid putting this on dry patches, as well, or it will make them 10x more noticeable!

Hope I helped!

Have a magical day! xo

My new blog!

So I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with this?

Probably just post reviews in a written form for people who like reading reviews :D

I bet this will end up just getting lost in the cyber world though. LOL