Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sneaking around...

Ok, so in case you haven't noticed, my video posting is slowing down!

Why? Well, my brother's back from College, and my mom said he shouldn't know about my Youtube.

Unfortunately, his room is the room next to my filming area, and he's ALWAYS home! When he's not, I record a video, but that's rare.

So I'm sorry! December will be kind of a slow month! Maybe not many tutorials at all, and reviews will be pumping slower! :(

Also, my lighting will be weird in some videos due to the fact I'm filming in like, other rooms without my 4385724398572 lights. lol

So yes! I hope you can forgive me! With Christmas coming around I'm getting super excited but also SUPER busy!!

Have a magical day everyone! xo


  1. It seems as though with your mom limiting what you can buy and you can't wear nail polish or certain people can't know about your youtube she's looking out for you but it's REALLY misplaced.

  2. 4-19-12)

    time for a blog update , are you even blogging on this site anymore ?